#1 Fresh Steamed Crabs

Established in Good Ole Sussex County Delaware. 2020

About Us 

Raised in Sussex county, Carlitos started commercial fishing at age 16 and that’s where his love of the ocean began. After spending years on the commercial fleet Carlitos found the perfect crab seasoning recipe from the Bayou. If you know him personally this is something, he wont even tell his own mother. If you ask him, he will tell you it went down with the Queen Anne’s revenge with Captain Teach (Black Beard).

One day in late 2019 Carlitos woke up and said to his future wife Lindsay that he had a dream of having a traveling crab shack. In 2020 he bought a trailer and started to build his dream. A business license in his hand and an empty trailer in his driveway and that’s where it all began. His experience as a mate on commercial boats allowed him to meet local captains all over the Delmarva peninsula.

All of his crabs are sourced locally and from the ocean that we all love and respect so much. As a local business buying from local watermen is very important to Carlitos as they gave him his very first opportunity to follow his dream to be a mate on the ocean. So buying crabs from #1 Fresh Steamed Crabs not only helps a local family follow their dream but helps the whole community  continue to provide fresh, local sustainably sourced seafood.

We can't wait to see you in April 2021! Check out what we have available here and call 302-745-8885 to place your order!

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